Color Riot - Olympus XA + Kodak Gold 200

I’ve always been drawn to black and white, contrast, and deep shadows. That is where I go, instinctually, when I pick up a camera. I’ve also never been much of a nature or landscape photographer, but I like to experiment, and when I read about the profile of Kodak Gold 200, I was intrigued and picked up some rolls on sale. I intentionally shot subject matter that I normally wouldn’t have, in conditions that I typically avoid. Mostly sunny, midday environments, while I was out walking with an Olympus XA. The Olympus itself is a quirky little camera. It’s tiny, and it fits in the pocket. It’s discreet and simple. Lots of people use them for street photography, but I like it as a walk around camera. Something I can tuck in my pocket when I go walk the dog, or have no destination in mind. It’s a rangefinder, and you have three options for focusing, so be prepared for screw ups. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy enough though, and you won’t burn through too much film. Shooting with it, I kind of let go and just shoot more haphazardly. I was pretty happy with the results, although the XA was a bit fragile, and I had some technical issues, I love the color profile of the Kodak Gold, and the XA has a sharp and contrasty lens that adds a little pop. The best thing about it is that it gives me an excuse to go out and spend some time outdoors, being content to hear the rustle of the leaves in the wind.